A Simple Message

Or, we wish it was. Show up for each other with this clean design – on a shirt, a mug, or a sign in your classroom, office, or on your front lawn.

Say Gay

Stand up to hatred.

Protect Trans Kids

Because there are still kids who think it’s better to be dead than to be trans.

Teach Real History & Read Banned Books

Disassemble systems of oppression.

Amplify Black Voices

Recognize excellence and pass the mic.

Be Curious, Not Judgemental

Ted Lasso has it right. Barbecue sauce.

Show Love

Enough said.

Black man with a huge smile wearing sunglasses and looking up at the sky. He is wearing a tank top with the words: Say Gay, Teach Real History, Protect Trans Kids, Amplofy Black Voices, Read Banned Books, Be Curious Not Judgemental, Show Love